Divided Together

...i will travel the world

that feeling when you know that one day you will see everyone again. everyone that hurt you and didn’t care enough to help. the people that caused me to battle an eating disorder and have chronic depression. the people that made me suicidal. i can’t wait for the day i get to tell them just what was happening, how I almost killed myself and they didn’t care. fuck them. i hate the world we live in now. but i can only either get used to it, or kill myself. i have the will to do it and i have access to a gun. but what would be the point right? i’d rather live my life in pain, than have no chance at life at all.

everything i do falls through because of my illness.

maybe just this once things will all come together.


It would mean a lot if you spread this around.

If only rape would be no more.

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Today I guess I’ll be depressed and just watch films all day. Wish I could just shut the curtains to block out the sun.